Claim the Power of Tauti for yourself.


New Epic Raid Boss

Tauti, Lord of the Seed of Hellfire, was summoned to expand Shilen's influence on the continent of Gracia. Although Tauti is carrying out Shilen's command, it is no secret he also seeks to increase his own power. Brother to Zariche, Tauti's body is composed of enchanted metals and he wields a huge, dangerous axe.


Tauti Axe

Defeating Tauti brings rewards such as boss jewels and special materials that can be made into Tauti weapons, like the Tauti Axe. All Tauti weapons include a special knock back skill and are enchanted beyond their already considerable basic powers.


Seed of Hellfire

The Seed of Hellfire is a new hunting ground for characters level 97 and higher. The Seed is in the shape of a pyramid with four floors that increase in difficulty as you progress upward. The top floor is the temple of Tauti himself, where the bravest warriors can challenge his power.

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