Guillotine Fortress

Heads will roll when you revisit this desecrated land.


Revamped Hunting Area

Previously known as the Execution Grounds, the Guillotine Fortress has evolved into an outdoor party hunting area for characters level 95 to 97. The rain of Shilen's blood on the land has infected the buried souls and forced them to rise again and haunt the area. Characters can hunt the monsters and lesser raid bosses to practice their tactics against the Chaos Shield monster buff. The Guillotine of Death, a challenging raid monster, has returned from the grave empowered by the blood of Shilen and awaits at the center of the fortress.


Guillotine of Death
Raid Boss

The former executioner of the Execution Grounds has drunk the blood of Shilen and has been driven mad by it. Now he returns as the Guillotine of Death and wanders his fortress, haunted by hallucinations and driven to resurrect his goddess, Shilen. Battle with him is a three-part challenge that only the bravest warriors dare attempt.

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