Ceremony of Chaos

Fight for your clan's glory and honor.


Clan Free-For-All Battle

One day, while watching over the progression of the darkness, he was intrigued by the warriors who continue to fight a meaningless and futile battle. He was filled with admiration. He used his followers to test the warriors' abilities, and he chose to bestow the strongest warrior with special strength and power. His followers created a space called the Mansion of Doubt. Then, they started the Ceremony of Chaos in order to determine the strongest warrior who would receive their master's strength, the Ruler's Authority.

Gather your clan or test your mettle alone by competing against other players and clans for power and bragging rights. Third-class characters level 76 or higher from a clan level 3 or higher can join the battle and fight three times per hour every day in a blitz of combat. Various rewards await the winner of each match, and a True Hero is declared at the end of each monthly cycle. The True Hero and their clan have access to special buffs and rewards. Everyone, even losers, win Mysterious Marks, which can be exchanged with the Mysterious Butler for useful items.

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